Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time to Cancel My National Review Subscription

A shame.  Ramesh Ponnuru happens to be one of my favorite political writers.  Thankfully anything he and Reihan Salam write behind the paywall will eventually be available for public consumption.

Look, I get the whole giving writers a wide berth when writing about issues.  Yet Mr. Black admits he has no theological qualifications for discussing the contraception issue.  The editors of National Review are Catholics.  Kathryn Jean Lopez is even enjoying a push on the intellectual circut of American Catholicism lately.  (In fairness, she responds to Conrad Black's nonsense)  You would think the editor's would understand not to publish articles calling for open dissent from Catholic teaching, and how that could risk scandal.  Have Mr. Black go write on some other site who doesn't have an editorial board stacked with Catholics.

There's really no point in giving a critque of Mr. Black's writing.  It is long on words, little on actual arguments other than "the world hates us."

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