Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Traditionalist Evangelization Project

When I was listening to EWTN radio a few days ago, they acknowledged something seemingly in passing that was stunning nonetheless.  Someone called in wondering if traditionalists had anything to worry about with Pope Francis and the Latin Mass.  The host gave various reasons for why he thinks traditionalists should not be worried (which I agreed with), before talking about how, even if he doesn't attend the Extraordinary Form, it impacts him.  He notes right a sizeable amount of workers at EWTN attend the Extraordinary Form, and countless priests/religious personalities involved with the network are also involved with the Extraordinary Form.

One decade ago, nobody would have predicted this.  Traditionalits were outcasts from mainstream Catholicism (especially in America), and some of the people lobbing bombs at faithful traditionalists did so while still being EWTN personalities.  While a fair amount of this was because of the motu proprio, a lot of the success has to do with individual traditionalists, not only looking to interact with the Church as a whole, but a creative attempt at winning allies to our side, and even making "converts" as it were.

As good as we have done, there's still a lot more to be done, as I think everyone can agree.  In short, we need to evangelize.  Not just in bringing in more people to attend the Latin Mass.  (Though the more the merrier!)  Even those who aren't traditionalists should be able to say they know who we are, how we go about things, etc.  There are a lot of answers the traditionalist movement can provide for the crisis as a whole, and many answers we have already provided.

Along with some of the liturgical stuff I mentioned earlier, these are some of the other things I'll be considering here at the blog.  Stay tuned.

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