Why the Incarnation Matters

The Incarnation is one of the most important doctrines of Christianity.  I do not believe I am engaging in hyperbole when I say that every aspect of our Catholic faith is impaced by the Incarnation.  However, it is also the greatest mystery of our Christian faith.  Why would God become fully man yet still remain fully divine? 

This is a question I am attempting to answer in my own special way.  From the time of creation, through the law and the prophets, through Jesus Christ, we will trace all of these aspects and show why they are important and have an incarnational character.  After that, we will bring up several important matters of the faith today, and show that without the Incarnation, they lose meaning.


God's Original Plan

The Entrance of Sin

The Repercussions of Sin

Original Sin and the Call Home

The Great Flood and the Tower of Babel

The Exodus and the Golden Calf

The First King of Israel

David and Solomon

The Sundering of the Kingdom

Elijah's Wager

Elijah the Evangelist

Extra Elisha Nulla Salus

The Divine Kingmaker

Back to the Future

Isaiah's Call

Isaiah the Universalist

The House of David Continues

Cyrus and the "God whom you knew not"

The Fall of Judah

The Incarnation and the Point of Worship