Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spiritual Worldliness: Pope Francis' Challenge to the Conclave

A few thoughts on then Cardinal Bregoglio's words to the Conclave:

1.) This is how Benedict got elected Pope. Give a speech that is a tour de force and make it impossible to elect anyone but him.  That someone asked him to write those words down basically told you what way the wind was blowing after that speech.  He was Pope before the First ballot was cast.

2.) For Benedict, it was the filth in the priesthood, and the tendency for Catholics to worship themselves instead of Christ. For Pope Francis, it is the tendency of Catholics to think they are better than they are, and attempt to give our own light (which is nothing), instead of Christ. On this issue at least there is full continuity.

3.) As Pope Benedict made a point to give lengthy lessons towards the world about the Church Fathers in his homilies. (These were compiled into three books) Pope Francis brings out two very ancient references that most have no clue about: That the Church of Rome "Presides in Charity" (St. Ignatius of Antioch to the Romans) over the Church, and the "mysterium lunae" to describe how we are to live our lives as Christians.

This gives further evidence that those expecting radical change one way or the other are probably (emphasis on probably!) reading the situation wrong.  We might not get as much attention to our priorities as we want, but there won't be massive change.  

Finally, also good words for traditionalists to hear.  We've had the explosive growth of the last 5-6 years in the Church (since the Motu Proprio) precisely because we've shown how the Latin Mass and a traditionally minded spirituality provides not the weak and puny light of ourselves (which many perceived), but rather the light of Christ.  Now we just have to continue doing this.

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