Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Return To Common Sense

Why are you Catholic? Whenever I run into someone new who finds out about my faith, this inevitably comes up. I always state that the reason is "common sense." This might seem a cop-out. I intend to prove otherwise with this blog.

Why is Catholicism ultimately a common-sense faith? Because only Catholicism truly has the appreciation of human nature and of man's purpose. The other religions, faiths, and worldviews, from one side or the other, portray a false view of who man is, and what he is supposed to be. As a result, they devise these highly complex philosophies about man and his responsibility. These abstract thoughts seldom make any real sense when one sits down to discover them.

Whether it be the teachings on faith, culture, doctrine, Catholicism approaches things with an easy understanding. Common-sense need not mean "simple." Indeed, the message of Catholicism, when properly understood, is one of the most challenging ever issued to mankind. Yet since she has an intimate understanding of human nature, her sentiments truly are "common-sense."

That is what we will talk about. Whenever a topic is mentioned, I will do my best to provide the truths of Catholicism in an accessible manner. All too often the opposite occurs, whether it be from the world, or those who mean well but are out of their league in presenting the Gospel. Even on seemingly complex and controversial statements regarding Church moral teaching, the Church operates from a keen understanding of the human person. Failure to understand the human person leaves us with a religion of dogmas, rather than the center being a person, Jesus Christ, true God and true man.

With that, common sense will return to this small portion of the blogosphere.

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  1. Welcome back Kevin! I hope you take a moment to visit the CathApol Blog from time to time too!

    May God richly bless you and your family through your apologetic endeavors!

    In JMJ,
    Scott Windsor<<<


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