Monday, May 24, 2010

The Case for Catholicism

In a different series from the one mentioned below, I will be returning to familiar waters so to speak.

When I first converted, I jumped right into the waters of apologetics. I admittedly became bored with the discipline. I reasoned, and still do, that there are only so many ways to analyze Protestantism.

Yet with starting this new project at Common Sense Catholicism I feel I will have an opportunity to strike out in new angles.  So while this series will still contain the boilerplate (and let's hope not so boilerplate!) defenses of the faith and criticisms of Protestantism, I will also attempt to strike out into some newer aspects.  I will be taking the position that when you boil it down, only Catholicism can be viewed as a religion worthy of the Gospel.  At heart, Protestantism doesn't make sense in many areas.

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