Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Series: Reflections on the Propers

One of the greatest ways in which Holy Mother Church speaks to the faithful is through the Sacred Liturgy.  The prayers she uses are meant for not only our salvation, but our instruction.  We know from a reading of history that the early Church defended the doctrine's of the faith through referencing the liturgy.  If we wish to truly understand our faith, we should make ourselves as familiar with the liturgy as possible.

It is with this in mind I begin this ongoing series here at Common Sense Catholicism.  For every Sunday, I will take what are called the "Propers" of the Mass and provide commentary and my own personal insight/reflection upon them.  The Propers are those prayers of the Mass which change every week, as opposed to the "ordinary" prayers, which stay the same every week.  (The Creed, the Gloria, the Eucharistic Prayer/Canon, etc.)

On some weeks I will be covering the "extraordinary form" of the Mass.  This was the Mass celebrated by Catholics of the Roman Rite before the liturgical reforms of the 1960's.  This style of celebration was placed by Pope Benedict XVI on equal footing with the "ordinary" Mass that most Catholics attend (sometimes called the Novus Ordo) in his motu proprio Summorum Pontificium.  This is also the Mass I attend every Sunday, and I hope the beauty of her prayers will draw more people to seek out the rich treasures of our Church in the Sacred Liturgy.  As always, comments, questions, insight is welcome.

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