Monday, February 24, 2014

Is Traditionalism a Fad?

A lot of controversy was generated by remarks believed to be uttered by the Holy Father, who is alleged to have viewed devotion to the Latin Mass, especially among the young, as a "fad" which will pass with time.  Whether or not the Holy Father made those remarks, they are common enough that many believe this.

Why is traditionalism such a hit with the young?  Why is the demographic for the Latin Mass skewing so far to young families, when it was believed (even during the promulgation of Summorum Pontificum!) that it would be a rarity mainly to be focused on older people?

That's what I look at today at Catholic Lane, providing a (very brief!) history of the traditionalist movement through official Church documents (The 1984 indult, Ecclesia Dei, then Summorum Pontificum) mixed with my own personal experiences, and no doubt the experiences of several other young traditionalists.

The short version:  It is up to each and every individual traditionalist to see to it that this devotion isn't a fad.

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