Friday, January 31, 2014

St. Pius X and the "Church of Nice"

That's the subject of my latest column at Catholic Lane today.  The term "church of nice" has been made popular by Michael Voris of ChurchMilitantTV.  It is a clever marketing gimmick (as is most of his work), but like most marketing gimmicks, it really lacks substance.  It is even more lacking when you compare the attitude he promotes to the attitude the saints and popes advise us to take.

Criticizing bad policy and bad prelates isn't the issue.  It is how you are doing it.  And quite frankly, they are doing it wrong.

1 comment:

  1. Many people do not like the style of Michael Voris.
    Just as many people didn't like the style of Andrew Breitbart.
    Both could be called "Happy Warriors". Both said things that no one else would.
    Seems that everyone is jumping on the "Kick Voris" bandwagon. I think I need to listen to him more and judge for myself.


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