Wednesday, November 6, 2013

John Paul II and "Victory over Concupiscence": Latest Catholic Exchange Column

Today we discuss what such a victory would actually entail.  This was one of the more controversial issues a few years back, and I'd like to give it a fresh look.

A little word about my columns at Catholic Exchange.  I'm really not interested in what this or that theologian says, and whether or not they are representing the text faithfully.  That battle was waged three years ago.  What we need to be discussing instead is "What does the Pope Actually Say" in his audiences?    I don't want to go to what someone says about John Paul's Wednesday audiences, I want to go to the actual texts themselves.  Once we've established what the texts say, then we go through tradition and see if anyone said anything similar.  (Hint:  they really do.)

When I say you don't hear a lot of this stuff nowadays, this is what I mean.  Sure, you might see an off article here or there doing this kind of thing amongst the TOB movement, but a lot of text is recycled from previous authors, and this has led to some confusion about what is actually being taught.  If one examines the Wednesday audiences themselves, it becomes pretty clear.

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