Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Guilty Pleasure Watch

I'm enjoying all the "mainstream" bloggers admitting they have been out of bounds in their interpretation of Pope Francis.  At least we are no longer hearing about how it is only "radical evangelical catholic reactionary miserly jansenistic traditionalists" (RECRMJT!) are the problem when it comes to this pontificate.

What's also interesting is that I as a traditionalist were telling them to calm down and realize that the Pope's words were less worse than they made it out to be, and in some instances, they were actually pretty insightful.

So seeing "Janet Smith and Fr. Longenecker Gratitiously Bash Pope" and "traditionalist defends Francis" is kind of a bizarro world, but I'm amused nonetheless.

Yesterday's post was modified a little bit and thrown up on Catholic Lane.

In the end, being a newlywed with a pregnant wife helps.  I'm too busy actually living life to pop off and say something stupid online.

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