Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Something Incredible is Happening at Catholic Answers.....

For the first time in the history of the blogosphere.... ignore the article.  The comments section is where its at.  Whether or not people wanted it, a real challenge has been given by traditionalists now towards the status quo of division.

After Karl Keating took to defending the behavior of his workers over the four hours of "radical traditionalism", a very lively discussion broke out on several fronts.  Here's what I think the highlights are:

- Mr. Keating says "radtrad" is something no Catholic should use..... but the long form "radical traditionalist" is better.  One can read his defense of it.

- Michael Matt (editor of The Remnant) offering one of the most moving statements of why traditionalists have such a visceral hatred of the term "radical traditionalist."

- Pete Vere renewing his call that Catholics should stop using the phrases as they are holding back the newer generation of traditionalists from being equals in the Church.

-  A proposal of real dialogue over the issues without any polemics

- A joint forum between the Remnant and Catholic Answers

- Some of the strongest condemnations of Anti-Semitism.  Let those who claim that trads have an anti-semitism problem read those statements and see if they wish to persist rolling in their own ignorance like a pig in their own filth.  Pigs like mud, and those individuals like their own blissful ignorance.

- A call for Mr. Keating and Catholic answers to actually come out and see what the new generation of traditionalists are really about.  They always talk in theory about the "good traditionalist", but they never put a name to the face.  Now they have an opportunity to do otherwise.

It really is Catholic Answers move.  They can continue the status quo of division nobody wants.  Their listeners don't want it.  Traditionalists don't want it.  The only one who wants it is the Divider.  So let's see if they want to step up and strike a blow for Catholic unity.  Your move gents.

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