Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pope Francis and the Latin Mass: There is no "There" There

Anyone who thought Francis was going to repeal Summorum Pontificium was a fool.  It was a reasonable document, and while the Pope might theoretically have the authority to set it aside, there's almost nothing to gain from him doing so, even if he were a sworn enemy of the Latin Mass, as some traditionalists believe.

This really shouldn't surprise anyone.  Apparently it did, since some people only live their faith on blogs, for better or ill.  This isn't "good news", nor is it "bad news".  There's nothing here.  Some really bad bishops have some really rotten priorities.  Pope Francis simply says their priorities are not his, calls for both the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form to exist side by side, and that he doesn't view those of a traditionalist mindset as his enemy, but they can actually help him. 

Now a lot of people wanted to look at this Pope in the worst case possible, and for these people, this should calm their fears.  It won't though.  These people look at them in the worst possible way, and  they always will.  To those faithful traditionalists, the story is still the same:  We have to make our own way, and that's how it should be.

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