Sunday, April 14, 2013

So That Reform of the Curia Thing is Totally Happening.....

Via Fr. Z:

So 8 Cardinals from outside the Curia are going to create a commission to give suggestions to Pope Francis about how to reform the Curia.

While Curia bashing has been a time honored tradition in the Catholic Church ever since the Curia came into existence, it really is totally warranted.  High profile members of the Curia covered up sexual deviants.  (Sodano with Fr. Maicel)  Bertone was the ultimate insider who constantly hampered a lot of what Pope Benedict wanted to do.  To put it mildly, traditionalists have no reason to cheer for Sodano, Bertone, or several other members of the Curia.  Every trads hero (Cardinal Ranjith) sent many Curia members to hospitals with their toes being stepped on, and the feeling for him to leave Rome and head back to Sri Lanka was mutual.  (Since his return, he has been an automatic win dispenser for awesome Catholicism.)

Will these guys be up to the job?  It is hard to see how they could be any worse.  Cardinal Pell is on that list.  We know he is solid.  Cardinal Pasinya was cited positively by Cardinal Francis George, another one of the good guys.  Will they do everything good?  Probably not.  There will probably be some things traditionalists will not like.  Oh well, loyal traditionalsits have that hard-wired into their DNA nowadays.  Things happen we don't like, we remain loyal and soldier on.  Yet there is also the chance for opportunity.  Some real long-time enemies of the Latin Mass and of traditionalists in general could stand to be weakened. 

Yet we need to get a grasp of the big picture.  We need better Church leaders and better governance if we are ever to promote the Gospel properly.  That is what we should be praying for above all.  A proper Gospel and traditionalism go hand in hand.

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