Monday, October 4, 2010

Dr. Janet Smith: Back to the Drawing Board

Probably for the best that she re-write it.

However, a note to Catholic Exchange.  This is twice now that you've invited someone to engage Miss Eden's thesis, and twice it's wound you in hot water requiring later modifications (or in the case of the first one, you removed it from your site entirely.)

I think you guys need to hire another editor, or at least someone who can go over these works as a "hostile witness."  Will save you lots of embarrassment, because you can bet several of us are saving the original copies.  :)

Hopefully Dr. Smith also apologizes to Dawn Eden personally as well.  In the end, we are "all on the same team."  It would be good if our friends across the way remember that.  I promise we will here in this small Kingdom.

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  1. Well, it looks like the rewrite is done, but I don't see anything substantially different about it, though she has changed the tone somewhat:

    It does not look like Dr. Smith has addressed any concerns that people raised about the substance of her article -- for example, she still quotes West quoting John Paul II out of context, she still says that moral manuals leaving parts in Latin suggests repression (although she has mitigated this section somewhat), and she still claims that West's remark that "Sex plunges us headfirst into the Christian mystery" refers to the fact of our sex (i.e. male and female "gender") even though in context West would seem to be referring to the marital act.


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